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Houses Don't Grow. (except when they do)


           Families Grow, Houses Don’t.  It’s been my tag line for years. Recently I was joking with a colleague that I could come up with a real estate jingle based on my name like “Jenni Plaster sells homes faster” and she loved it because it’s so catchy and fun, and when my clients follow my advice I get homes sold in faster than average times.  But should I trade the original one in for something shiny and new?

              I guess I just love the image of a family growing in their home, loving it, and outgrowing it for something even better, while the process is just beginning for a whole new family in their beloved home.   People often ask me if I work with a lot of young families.  I adore working with young families, I pride myself on staying informed on our local public schools and community issues, but I think “family” is a bigger concept than most people give it credit for at first glance.

              One of the most beautiful things about family is that it can always be growing.  You can always add friends, neighbors, and people you love to your circle.  Family is such an inviting and warm term. Everyone wants to belong and have a place to come home to.  Sure, a family may be the silliness and chaos of parents raising kids, outgrowing spaces that seemed fine before the last baby. Still, some people who seem to have the largest families may be single people who have filled their family with beloved adoptees of other forms ranging from roommates to relatives to furbabies.

              It’s one of the highlights of my career in real estate to have the chance to meander through well-loved homes where families have created little under-stair retreats for their furbabies or beautiful, custom, outdoor play sets for their kids.  These things rarely add value to a home, but they added value for their family as it grew, and the creativity is sometimes remarkable.  So, even though my tag line says houses don’t grow, I guess in a way, houses do grow, as each consecutive owner puts their own touch and life into them, memories and improvements, even additional square footage. 

So, the real question becomes: do I want a branding change?  I like the catchy, rhyming sound of the new tag line, and I’ve shared it with several people who say it’s memorable and they like it too.  It’s definitely true that clients who have followed my advice have been blown away by how fast we have sold their homes, so it’s not false advertising! But even with all of that, I still really enjoy being the agent that reminds people that “Families grow, houses don’t” (even if they kind of do!)

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